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Brokered Carriers

We have our priorities straight when it comes to carrier relationships.


XPO is much more than just another truck broker. We’re the global 3PL that treats you with respect and assigns you an experienced carrier advocate. If you need a cash advance, a dedicated lane or a spot market load, we can do that. 


We know how to make life easier for you while making you money – for example, we try to use the same carriers for regular routes as a matter of policy, even without a dedicated lane arrangement. Loads are tendered by our brokerage offices, the carrier service teams at our operations centers and through our Drive XPO™ mobile app. 


XPO Carrier Rewards offers perks such as fuel and tire discounts and is free and easy to join. Simply sign up for XPO Connect™ and start earning rewards automatically. Simply move XPO Connect™ loads each month and maintain a minimum carrier score. As you rise to higher rewards tiers, you’ll enjoy special bonuses along the way.

Tell us what's important to you

Call us at (855) 976-5623 and we’ll gladly talk to you about the advantages XPO offers, including:


  • A first-rate carrier network fed by the second largest freight broker worldwide 
  • One of the industry’s largest sales teams, in daily contact with thousands of shippers
  • State-of-the-art tracking technology for accurate settlements
  • The ability to post your available capacity online: find loads and fill back-hauls
  • Rapid, hassle-free load-matching to your profile, location and destination
  • Standard 30-day terms with optional quick-pay discounts: 3% for two-day, 2% for seven-day
  • Paper check or direct deposit options
  • Carrier Rewards  -  fuel discounts, tire discounts and other perks
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