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Flex Fleet

Receive the flexibility of shipping anywhere with the peace-of-mind in knowing you own the capacity.

What is Flex Fleet?

Flex Fleet was designed with flexibility in mind. Instead of thinking of traditional truckload needs, start thinking in trailer volume capacity with a network of drop trailers.


XPO provides drop trailers to use at your facilities for packing your freight. Once a trailer is ready to ship, you then access the XPO power only driver network of carriers. There’s no limitation to where you can ship this trailer or when you ship it. All of the work of getting your trailers and power only drivers is managed by XPO once you let us know you need them.


This flexible solution to capacity management speeds up load time for a carrier coming to your site from hours a day to under one hour.


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Benefits of participating in Flex Fleet


Extreme Flexibility – Flex Fleet lets you decide when and what to do with your capacity.


Speed Up Your Load Time – From hours a day to under one hour - Increase through-put that you can get in freight out of your site each day. 


A Large Network – Approximately 1 million trucks accessed through 38,000 vetted carriers.


How large are the trailers available?

XPO can access a wide-range of trailers from 21’-53’ for use on your site.


What type of equipment can XPO provide? 

We can provide dry vans, refrigerated or flat-bed equipment.


Who covers maintenance and insurance on the trailers? 

The maintenance and insurance on the trailer are covered by XPO.


Where in the U.S. can you provide trailers? 

Trailers can be provided in all 48 contiguous states.


How will trailers for the program be identified on site? 

XPO can brand trailers to ensure it’s easy for your team to know what trailer to load.

Flex Fleet Case Study


A large, multinational computer technology company that develops, sells, repairs and supports computer related products came to XPO Logistics for help. The company needed support during peak season with fast access to additional capacity. They also had to send trailers to different markets quickly based on the fast-turn peak data. Speed was of the utmost importance to them.


Working with XPO, the team developed a 24/7 drop yard within 25 miles of their distribution center that has 50 spots reserved for empty and full trailers. This extra capacity allows them to access trailers earlier, load at will and fulfi ll the transportation through the power-only option from XPO brokerage.


The company now has the ability to react to peak data output more swiftly and move inventory to markets more accurately by getting trailers loaded when they are needed and onto the road faster.

Why XPO? XPO’s huge truck brokerage network is a reliable source of quality drivers and equipment: approximately 1 million trucks accessed through 58,000 vetted carriers. We'll work to make sure you're satisfied!